Buddy Check

We Are Looking To Change Mental Health Support for the UK Armed Forces Community

Buddy Check is a peer to peer mental health support network for all serving and veteran personnel

What makes us different?

When looking for support it can be a minefield trying to find the right one for you. This can make your situation worse and even stop you from reaching out for help.

At Buddy Check we want to change that. By providing a peer to peer support network we are connecting you to those who know what it’s like to be in your boots.

By using our service you will be able to share your experiences, find out about others journeys, and receive guidance from those who have been in your situation.

Take that first step with Buddy Check.

How We Provide Support


A completely free and anonymous environment for you to find the help you need. You can have an open profile for everyone to see what you are up to. Alternatively you can close your profile so you can enjoy all the benefits of membership but from the safety of your own private space. It is completely up to you.

Support Network

There are different ways you can interact the site.

Forums – Share ideas and views on all subject matters

Blogs – Share your story, or read about other members experiences

Live Chat – Get in touch with other online members

Groups – Become part of a group with other like minded members


Online courses for you to complete in your own time in a wide range of different subjects. Providing further understanding about mental health topics, as well as giving you the tools to be able to provide support to others who need it.


We will be going through a period of testing starting in January 2022. To be part of the test and get an exclusive look at the support we are providing please click on the link below

Become Part Of The Team

We are looking to expand our team. To find out what opportunities we have available click on the button below