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Buddy Check is a peer support network aiming to improve mental wellbeing for the UK Armed Forces community

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To assist members of the UK Armed Forces and veterans with mental health challenges by becoming a part of an online community of similar minded people. To promote awareness of mental health support within the UK Armed Forces and veteran communities by providing educational courses to those who want to gain a better understanding and be able to help those that need it.

What we Do

We provide a safe online environment for our members to be able to share their stories, find guidance and information, gain further understanding on mental health matters, and communicate with other like minded individuals. By creating this peer support network we aim to create a community for our members to be able to come to when they need help in improving their mental health wellbeing.  

UK Armed Forces

Register For Free

Register for free membership and join our online community. You can share your story, ask for guidance and support, provide advice, chat with other members, and connect with other supporting agencies.

How we provide support


Write your own personal online journal or share your experiences with others. If you find it difficult to open up to others, then this could be the ideal platform to get out exactly how you’re feeling. You can also read others blogs and see how they could relate to your situation.


An open source of guidance and information about all manner of different topics. From coping mechanisms, to training opportunities, to playlists to help you. There is the central hub for all your needs. Have something you want to share? Then post it on the forum for others see.

Live Chat

Here you can jump in chat online with other members who are online. Join in with conversation, or just observe. Either way it could help. We also have our own Discord server for when you are fancy buddying up on an online game.

Online Training Courses

*Work in progress* We are looking to provide our own online training courses. Providing further education and training on mental wellbeing subjects. Watch this space to find out more.

Founders Feed

Below is the live blog feed of Buddy Check founder Chris Platts. To see what else they have to say, and see what others have wrote about, sign up and get the benefits of all our services.

Working In Slow Motion

Having officially become a Community Interest Company (CIC) on 20th June 2022 you could say I was a little excited to get going and get going to knock down the next milestones. Unfortunately for me this was made harder by a string of health issues that put me in check. Which is not ideal when…

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Men Cry And Its Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

Men cry, have panic attacks, are insecure, self-harm, have eating disorders, go to therapy, suffer trauma, have body issues, are abused, need love and affection. All humans feel an incredible array of emotions so why is it that for some men aren’t supposed to have them. Why aren’t we allowed to show vulnerability? why aren’t…

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The Importance Of Being A Volunteer

As we come the end of volunteers’ week it’s important to reflect on all those who donate their time in supporting others. Charities and organisations like Buddy Check rely so much of the generosity of volunteers that it is sometimes taken for granted as to how vital they are in making sure they work. From…

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