Core Values

Here at Buddy Check we have core values for how we want to support the Armed Forces community when you are faced with challenges and need some support.


Taking that first step is extremely positive and will enable you to get the support you need to take care of your well-being. That’s why we always support and encourage those who take steps to open-up, gain support from those who are in the same situation and share with the community, you are not alone. 


It takes moral courage to open up about mental health when our well-being is challenged. Therefore we expect our members to be honest and help others through the hard times to a better life.


Each one of our members has shown their willingness to serve their country, past or present. As we share this common identity, we want you to support each other through the good and bad times. 


We value all of our members. By being able to share their experiences with us, we trust our members to be able to show the same level of support that they would expect shown to them.

Aims and Goals

Awareness and Understanding

We want to shine a light and dispel the stigma around mental health and well-being and make the wider Armed Forces community aware that everyone has mental health just as everyone has physical health and at times it can be challenged. The more our members open up and share their experiences, the better understanding we have to find solutions for them. 

Support and Guidance

We support all of our members through their difficult times by offering the chance to open up to our community, make connections with those who share similar experiences and gain peer to peer support. Including offering guidance through other channels of mental health support, to make sure we do our best to help all our members in their moments of need. 


We aim to bring together the Armed Forces personnel, past and present. Our goal is by sharing our experiences, both good and bad, we can go forward together to find a better future.