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Buddy Check Network

Coming Soon

The Buddy Check Network will be a unique system that links the topic you want help with to our partner organisations. Therefore getting the information you want quickly and effectively. Here is how it will work.

Here is a snapshot of how the network will look. There will be an interlocking network of partner Businesses, Charities, CICs and Organisations. All of which will link to our main categories and sub-categories. Each of these nodes can be selected to filter down the information to relevant links. Lets click on mental health conditions

Here we have selected mental heath conditions. This highlights further sub-categories related to mental health conditions. As well as highlight the organisations that provide specialist support for that area. So what if we wanted to find out further information. Simply click on one of the nodes

By clicking on the node you bring up the basic information regarding that Organisation or category. Here we have Buddy Check. You can see from the basic information a brief description of the Organisation, where they are located, what specialisations they have and who they are partnered with. To find out more you can click on enlarge

Once through to the pop out menu you can delve deeper by clicking on profile. Here you have a in depth analysis of the Organisation, its specialisations and its partners. Giving you all the information you need to be able to find the support you need.

To find out more information, or want your business or Organisation to be part of the Buddy Check Network, please complete our enquiry form today.