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Current Research

We support those who are doing research into the Armed Forces and mental wellbeing. By supporting these papers we want to build a knowledge bank of information that could help us provide a wider understanding of the Armed Forces community. To see what papers we are currently supporting please see the information below.

Female masculinities in a military environment

By Amy Hill, University of Bath

Since the rise in opportunities for women in 2018 as all trades and branches were opened to female application for the first time, female representation in the UK Armed Forces remains at 11% (2021 statistics). Reasons for this remain numerous but include the continuing masculine culture of the UK military and perceptions of pressures to conform to these behaviours to be successful. This research aims to explore the femininity of the UK Armed Forces and investigate perceptions of opportunities for expression of femininity.

If you would like to participate you must match the following criteria;

  • Female
  • Have served a minimum of 3 years in the Armed Forces (regular or reserve)
  • Left the Services since 2018.

For further information and/or volunteer for the research please contact Amy Hill ( The deadline to register your interest in 31st July 2022.