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Members Services

We offer our members various different forms of services to be able to interact with our site and other members. Below is a brief overview of the services we provide for our members.


Here our members have the ability to write their own blog about their personal experiences. By having this ability it allows them to get out the words they want to say when they might not be able to do so by talking to someone. This is an effective tool taking that first step in further understanding what you are going through. Our members can also read the blogs of other users on the site. Allowing them to see if they can relate them, and potentially find the information they are looking for.


Forums are a great way to promote discussions around certain topics. Maybe its a promoting on organisations you’ve used for a certain treatment, or a sharing a playlist you use for meditation and wellbeing. These discussions can sometimes spark an idea you’ve not thought of before, and a great way to relay information between all the members.


Sometimes all you need is someone to chat to or to be part of the conversation. Doesn’t have to be about anything in particular. It could be about what’s on TV or something that is happening around the world. Literally anything you want. Or live group chat allows just that. It allows our members to chat to each other instead of being alone. We also have a Discord server for gamers to log on and play together when they want to.

Online Training (Coming Soon)

We will be providing online training courses for our members to participate in. These will be a mixture of short courses for further awareness (e.g. A guide to mental wellbeing), to professionally accredited courses in wellbeing topics (e.g. diversity and inclusion).

Buddy Check Network (Coming Soon)

We will be building a network of partner charities and organisations aimed at getting our members the best support and guidance they need. To find out more information go to Buddy Check Network