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The Story Behind Tweet Your Story

When looking for new features or how to improve engagement, inspiration can come from the various difference places. Generally it comes from what the latest trends are or looking to competitors to see what makes them tick. For Tweet Your Story I actually took inspiration from a Twitter profile I follow on my personal account called Fesshole. I will hold my hands up and admit we have ‘borrowed’ their idea. The basics of it is simple. Send your experience into a central location and it will be posted completely anonymously onto the parent site. The main reason I follow Fesshole is because the stories are, in the main, dark humoured. Something that will appeal to the majority of the Armed Forces community. For example “When I’m home alone, I can’t be bothered to go up stairs for a piss, so I do it various bits of crockery then wash it up later. Hence I always have my ‘favourite’ mugs at home.” From some of the stories I’ve heard over the years there are plenty in the military that have used the ‘hot and cold toilet’ in the old single man rooms. There’s new stories on a daily basis. My wife even knows when I’m reading these ‘confessions’ as I’m normally chuckling away to myself while she’s watching tv. As funny as these stories are, they weren’t the reason why I thought we needed to do something similar for Buddy Check. Every now and again there are the odd one or two that catches me out and completely knock me for six. For example “My fiancĂ© recently died in a routine operation . Every night I text him to tell him how much I love him. I’ve got his phone, I like seeing the two blue ticks like he’s still alive and has read the message”. Completely heart-breaking. What is truly inspirational though are the replies of support and understanding from those that have been through similar experiences. That is what I love. I love that others who don’t even know who this person is are offering their help and support through a dark time. This is why I ‘borrowed’ the idea. The whole purpose of Buddy Check is to create a support network for those who need it the most. To build a community where those who are in trouble know they can come along knowing that they will be able to get either the answer they are looking for, or guidance to those who can offer the support they need. We’ve made this feature available to everyone via our homepage. We want as many people as we can to talk and share their life experiences. The more people open up and talk, the better understanding we have, therefore helping us get as many as we can out of the dark holes they find themselves in and back to happier place.

So if you’ve got something you want to get off your chest then please come and use our new feature Tweet Your Story. If you want to join our free community and have access to all our features then register for membership. Either way, we are always their for a Buddy Check.

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